Online talks

I will have the pleasure to give a series of invited talks in the next months at the Oxford-Warwick-Edinburgh Network Science Workshop (2021/2/15), the North...

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Talks at NetSci2020

I will have the pleasure to give two talks at the Network Science conference NetSci2020 which will be online this year.

ERCIM News on Anomaly Detection

Our work, with Leonardo Gutiérrez-Gómez and Jean-Charles Delvenne, on anomaly detection in networks was featured in the ERCIM News journal special issue on S...

FNRS Chargé de recherche

I am very happy to announce that I was awarded a FNRS (Belgian Science Foundation) Chargé de recherche fellowship with UCLouvain as a host institute.

Election to the Swiss Young Academy

I am extremely happy to have been elected to the Swiss Young Academy as one of the first 29 members. I am looking forward to working with other members in in...

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Talk at the CCS in Thessaloniki

I will give a presentation at the Conference on Complex Systems in Thessaloniki, Greece on Tuesday (Sep. 25th, 2018) on the Spreading and influence of misinf...

Talk at the ICCS in Cambridge USA

I will give a presentation at the International Conference on Complex Systems in Cambridge, MA, USA on Tuesday (July 24th, 2018) on the Spreading and influen...

Physics World News

My work on the influence of fake news during the 2016 US presidential elections in Twitter is featured in the journal Physics World (2018 Phys. World 31 (5)...

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Finalist EPFL doctorate Award 2016

I am a finalist of the EPFL doctorate Award 2016 and was awarded a special distinction form the Jury for my Thesis on Suprathermal ion transport in turbulent...

SNSF Fellowship

I was awarded an Early Postdoc Fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation to study the dynamics of information diffusion in social networks with Pro...

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Diffusion in Turbulent Plasmas

I earned my PhD in physics intituled “Suprathermal ion transport in turbulent magnetized plasmas” from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL). M...

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