Diffusion in Turbulent Plasmas

I earned my PhD in physics intituled “Suprathermal ion transport in turbulent magnetized plasmas” from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL). My supervisors were Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli and Dr. Ivo Furno from the Swiss Plasma Center.

My PhD focused on understanding the transport of fast ions in turbulent plasmas. This is important for fusion plasmas, where fast ions are generated by the fusion reactions and auxiliary heating, and for space plasmas for understanding the transport of energetic solar particles and cosmic rays. Using measurments in a basic plasma device, numerical simulations and theoretical modelling (fractional Levy motion), I showed that the transport of fast ions in turbulent magnetized plasmas can vary from sub-diffusive to super-diffusive depending on the interplay of the particle orbits and turbulent structures.

My work was published in several journals, incuding Nuclear Fusion, Space Science Reviews, Physical Review E and Physical Review Letters. (Full publication list at Google Scholar).